In a Lunch Rut?

In a Lunch Rut?

Ok so if I’m being honest, food is one of those things that doesn’t do it for me. I’m not a foodie (understatement of the century), I don’t actually “love” to eat like some people, and eating feels more like a chore and less like something I enjoy. So, you can imagine, making 3 meals a day for the kids is probably my least favorite part of parenting. I love a good take-out meal :)

I always enjoy seeing what other people make for their kids and sometimes snag some good ideas, so I’ll show you guys a few recent things we’ve made lately that were a hit around here!


I find that creative food is often received better by the kids - so this is a “decorate your own rice cake” set up — they love to “frost” the rice cake with yogurt and then put their berries on top. Clean plate club, every time!


Toast is all the rage right now (right?) and while this isn’t rocket science, it’s one of those things I forget to make my kids sometimes. They love the mix and match, and we will sometimes do avocado with balsamic glaze or nutella! Don’t underestimate the power of TOAST!

Another day, another yogurt. But this one’s a little boujee. Strawberry greek yogurt, honey and granola with a side of honeycrisp apples (the BEST kind). The kids are also obsessed with these rosemary crackers dipped in fig jam. Easy and healthy, friends!

Also, if you’re looking to put a little more “boo!” in your lunch - here’s a few halloween lunches we made up last year that were a total hit. The kids keep asking for a re-make this year and I haven’t quite found the time, but we definitely will before the month is over! Full post here!


Happy Friday!!! Have an amazing weekend!

That time we didn't make it to Chicago

That time we didn't make it to Chicago