I'm dishing on all my favorite ways to use oils with my kids! We have kids ranging from 7 to NB and have used oils in so many different ways to support their sleep, their immune systems, their emotions (can I get an AMEN!), their skin and their bodies. Let's talk about all the ways oils can benefit you, empower you, and support you as a parent!


Sharing about my journey of using oils during my pregnancy with huge success! This is my 5th baby, but second time using oils during pregnancy. I'll share safe and effective ways to use oils during pregnancy & post-partum!

OILS 101

Maybe you're curious about oils, maybe you're not. Regardless, you could use em' :) I'm sharing my favorite hacks and discoveries with essential oils - for the common family! Come listen and learn - I promise I'll tell jokes and I might even give something free away at the end!

Making the switch to cleaner products over the course of 12 months (and WHY it’s so important!)