Kids Gift Guide

Kids Gift Guide

If you haven't started shopping yet... it's probably because you have Amazon Prime and deadlines mean nothing to you. welcome to the club. 

I compiled a list of our favorite things we've (I should say I, considering Collin is more than clueless as to what I buy for gifts) bought for the kids this year - hopefully it will give you a few ideas if you're not quite done with your elf duties :)  

This year from Santa, Baylor asked for a Lego Fire Station, Bellamy asked for a Snow White dress & a pink "rimonica" and Winnie wants a "Daniel Tiger" set... whatever that is. 

Along with Santa's gifts, here's a few things we're opening on Christmas morning! 


BEANBAGS because I'm sick of the fighting over the one pottery barn chair we have (we got buffalo, olive & pink!)

ANIMALS BOOK because kids saying animal names is one of my favorite things with their little voices and speech impediments

WORLD MAP COLORING POSTER because I've been waiting to buy this for two years and the older two kids are finally old enough not to scribble all over this

BLUETOOTH SPEAKER because the kids love listening to bedtime stories (so many good ones on spotify!) and this little guy was on Oprah's list and just too cute to pass up! 

BEAD SET because Bellamy will spend hours on this and I'm obsessed with how cute all these are

OPERATION (in wood!) because our game selection is embarrassing and I remember this being my favorite game. I try to buy toys we can share (anyone else loath the word "mine"?) and this is one I fully intend on playing together

POLAROID CAMERA because the photos that will come from this will definitely be high school yearbook material (and the CUTE STRAP!)

TOOLBENCH because if we have any hope of Baylor being more handy than his dad, we have to start like yesterday. (love you babe - with or without a hammer ;)

RAINBOW STACKER because Norah needs at least one present to open :)

PINK "RAMONICA" because I guess we need more noise in our house? 

I usually don't buy too many clothes for christmas (other than the occasional shoes or tutu for Bellamy, because the kids don't care and they get clothes year around. We also do stockings, which I've scaled way back on this year because it was a waste of my time and they're not as into them at these ages. :)

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