Magic Mama of the Month

Magic Mama of the Month

I am SO excited to share this series you guys, and hope you find it inspiring!

When I started using essential oils and eventually sharing about them (because you can’t keep something this good a secret), I had no clue what I was signing up for. Turns out the business side of Young Living is a billion times more than that - a business. I’ve never experienced such a huge transition, so much growth or so much passion from anything that I’ve done thus far.

However, I know that I’m not the only one to experience such enrichment from this business so I thought I’d highlight someone each month that does this with me. Someone who inspires me, who has grown so much and who has seen their own life be changed so powerfully by this business. So I’m going to introduce you to a new magic mama each month as a way to share that this business isn’t just for “her” or “them” - it’s really for anyone who wants to make something out of it. I hope you’re inspired, encouraged or maybe even that you learn something :)

Heidi is a wife and mama of two girls (5+7) living in the Seattle area! You can follow her over at @heidibrightessentials !

Why did you join Young Living?
For a cleaner, toxic-free home.

What is your favorite "AHA!" moment with oils (or another YL product)?
First, I was looking for immune support and knew about Thieves. I had a feeling it would help but was surprised how well it worked. Second, I wasn't even looking to improve our sleep and knew nothing about how oils could help but was totally amazed how well they worked.

What were your initial thoughts, perceptions, or hesitations about the business side of oils?
Absolutely no! I am not a sales person, I suck at it and was fired from a high school job cause I couldn't sell the product to save my life. I don't like pressuring people into things they don't need. I absolutely will NEVER, EVER go "live" on my social media accounts, especially to sell something. People will judge the crap out of me. I don't necessarily need the money, although if it helps me just to pay for my monthly product, then I guess that would be alright.

What is your favorite part about the business? 
I absolutely love being a part of this like-minded and supportive community. This is a group of people that I can rely on, who are cheering me on, giving me confidence and helping me grow. I have also found a new love of giving, sharing and helping others to pursue this dream. It's been amazing to take the support other leaders have given me and pay it forward to my business builders.

What is the biggest misconception about the business? 
It's not "salesy" at all! In fact, the opposite. The leaders on our team encourage you to never send a creepy message to a person you haven't talked to in 10 years and just start spitting out oils info on them. It's about building and maintaining relationships and friendships with people - and if oils happen to come up, then great! Also, the way this business is set up allows for you to grow way faster than imagined. I figured one year in, I would still only be making enough to cover my purchases, but instead, I've grown to a team of 150 people and hit ranks I thought it would take years to achieve.

What are 3 things this business has done for YOU?
This business has been answering a "why" I didn't even realize I needed. I have found so much purpose with this business.
1. I have realized my new identity as a stay at home mom who will have both of my girls in full time school this coming fall. I have been searching for what my future will be in the coming years and this business is my answer. I can be a working mom that my girls can look up to, with a flexible schedule that allows me to participate in their lives.
2. I didn't realize that my husband and I could have financial and time freedom way sooner than we had ever dreamed. This business will give him the freedom to pursue his passion of coaching basketball, will allow him to retire sooner and will help pay for our family's future dreams and goals.
3. I didn't realize I would be able to pursue work that I love, that I want to show up for every day, that gives me validation for my hard work and pushes me to be a better version of myself.

What is something you’ve done in your business that has led to your success?
I have been most successful with in-person classes. I think people can see my true passion and love of the products and business when I'm face to face with them. It's authentic, I can give real time examples how we use them and they trust that they will love the products just as much.

What kind of advice would you give someone who's hesitant to get started? 
Know that you can overcome any fear and stop worrying about what others think of you. Be true to yourself and know what you believe in. Worrying about others will only hold you back. Set goals and reevaluate and adjust them often. No goal or dream is too big with this company.

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