Final Pregnancy Update!

Final Pregnancy Update!

Ok we’re full term over here and waiting on this baby ANY DAY NOW! How did this happen so fast!! OMG! I figured while I waited, I’d share a little update with you guys!

How far along? 38 weeks and some change. I’ve delivered all 3 girls 10 days early, so I’m thinking I don’t have too much time left!

Total weight gain/loss? You guys. I crossed the 50 lb mark! Send me a new wardrobe, plz.

Maternity clothes? Funny joke. It’s looking like Collin’s basketball shorts, a sweatshirt from his college football uniform, and a baseball hat. We’re entering the mumu stage, basically.

Sleep? I’ve seriously been sleeping great! I started using my Tranquil roller every night and it’s made a HUGE difference. I also prop myself up with a million pillows. The other 4 kids probably help tremendously with my sound sleeping, considering I’m exhausted AF at the end of the day! #silverlining

Best moment this week? Packing my hospital bag! So exciting to get everything ready, wash those tiny clothes and just imagine a sweet baby wearing them! I’m SO excited!

Food cravings? Apples. Like can’t get enough. And ice. Officially addicted to crunchy ice.

Gender? Still unknown :)

Name: Stay tuned!

Labor signs? Yes! Tons of contractions - just waiting for them to be consistent!

Belly button in or out? Belly button is still suffering and being stretched to death.

What I miss? Moving quick! I miss being able to chase the kids, run up the stairs to grab something or take a walk with the kids without feeling like I’m going to split in half. :) Thankful to get my energy & movement back before the weather turns nice!

What I'm looking forward to? At this point, I’m dying to know the gender of the baby! And can’t wait to see Norah as a big sister!

I’ll keep you guys updated on the happenings over on IG (@henanco) - should be very soon!!

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