Essential Oils Tool Kit

Essential Oils Tool Kit

It’s no secret that’s we’re ALL about essential oils over here. Since we started using oils, we’ve seen tremendous changes in everything from sleep to emotions to our overall wellness and it’s been SO good.

I get asked ALL the time what kind of rollers we use, spray bottles, etc, and wanted to share with you guys, if you have your starter kit or are thinking about grabbing one, some of our favorites outside the kit. These are things that will make using your oils easier, ways to label, mix, etc.

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AMBER PUMP BOTTLES: Almost ALL of Young Living products are super concentrated so we actually split them in half, top with hot water and get two for one. We do this with dish soap, bath gel, shampoo, conditioner, baby wash, etc. I love these bottles because they look pretty in the shower, are durable and easy to label.

WOOL DRYER BALLS: A super safe alternative to dryer sheets - they not only help your clothes dry faster, but you can drop a few drops of lemon or lavender on them and they’ll freshen your clothes up without all the fake fragrance!

JOJOBA OIL: I use this on any oils I’m putting on my face or in perfume blends. It’s a little fancier than coconut oil and great for the face, as it closely mimics the natural oils your face produces. Coconut oil can be too heavy for your face, and in turn clog pores, so I always stick to jojoba.

GLASS ROLLERS: Before using oils, I didn’t understand the concept of rollers. Oils are super concentrated and often times need a “carrier oil” (jojoba, coconut, v-6, sunflower etc) to dilute them or to mix with other oils. We use rollers to make things like our wellness blends, blends for emotions or head tension. You can roll them directly onto your skin and the oils will then be absorbed into your body & put to work! These rollers are my favorite because the colors make them easy to keep track of and the rollers don’t leak.

CERAMIC DIFFUSER: This gorgeous diffuser is our newest addition and one that I highly recommend. It’s so pretty on a desk or side table, puts out a decent amount of mist and has tons of time & color settings. You can easily start with one diffuser (you’ll get one in your starter kit!) and then add on as your obsession grows ;)

YOUNG LIVING ARIA DIFFUSER: So this gorgeous diffuser (we’ve dubbed this our bong of wellness) is an option when you get your starter kit and is actually a huge savings if you buy it with your kit versus alone. It fills the most square footage, runs for up to 12 hours, comes with a remote and can even double as a speaker. I’m pretty picky about what sits on my counters but this one definitely fits the bill.

FRACTIONATED COCONUT OIL: This is a liquid form of oconotu oil that won’t harden, is super moisturizing and makes the perfect carrier oil for diluting essential oils or putting into roller balls.

OIL LABELS: This is our favorite spot to get labels, as they have a ton of options, and the shipping is super quick! It’s important to label your rollers and other DIY things so you don’t forget what’s in them! They also make super thoughtful gifts!

GLASS SPRAY BOTTLES: These are our go-to for Thieves cleaner, which we keep in all the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room. You put 1-2 cap fulls of thieves cleaner (a starter pack comes with your kit!) into the bottle, fill the rest with tap water and you’re ready to clean. We use Thieves cleaner for every surface in our home, which has not only saved us a ton of money on cleaning supplies but has been the easiest switch to non-toxic ever. ONE CLEANER you guys - for everything!

There’s a handful of other favorites over on my Amazon page - feel free to click around for other diffusers, oil holders & shelves, rollers, spray bottles and more that we love!

Don’t have your Starter Kit yet and want to learn more? You can visit my FAQ page or leave your info below!

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