Daily Oils Routine

Daily Oils Routine

We have really made a huge shift in our house in the last 9 months and I want to share with you a few of my mst favorite ways we use our oils for health, wellness, and eliminating toxins in our house. Now is as good as a time as any to establish new habits, new routines and be "out with the old, in with the new". I think so much of wellness is about knowledge, where information can be applied and new habits can transform the health of your family. So... here's a day in our life, the oily way. 


7:00: Up & at em'. I splash cold water on my face, hope that I'll have time to pee, and put a drop of spearmint on my tongue so my morning kiss will not be that of satan. 

7:15: Finally get Norah out of her crib, rub a drop or two of Copaiba on her swollen gums (teething is the worst), help Winnie rip her pull-up off and go potty and make sure the other kids haven't managed to destroy something in the 15 minutes they've been awake. 

7:30: I turn a show on for the kids, put some lemon & joy in the diffuser to kick-start the day and either shower or put a bra on if a shower is not in the cards (9/10 times). If I do get to shower, I put a couple drops of eucalyptus on the shower floor to open up all my airways, scrub my face with my very favorite Satin Mint Face Scrub and finish my business. Post-shower, I always moisturize with jojoba oil and frankincense, put some sensation or joy on my wrists for perfume and do the quickest 5 minute makeup you've ever seen (savvy minerals bronzer is my new favorite - light & dewey all day). 

7:45: Get the kids dressed, roll a wellness roller over the bottoms of their feet and up their spines (a blend of thieves, lemon, frank and oregano oil) to keep them healthy amidst the grimness of preschoolers, and spray a little rosemary & tea tree spray over their hair to keep any lice at bay. 

8:00: Roll everyone downstairs to start breakfast (my least favorite task of the day) ... we diffuse citrus fresh or jade lemon with bergamot in the kitchen, I pray that we have something quick and easy and the kids see how many toys they can get out before I can get food on the table. We usually eat something to the likes of cereal, pancakes or waffles (the kodiak cake protein ones are our favorite), or smoothies and granola bars (my personal favorite #easybutton). I always add a few ounces of ningxia red to our smoothies as it's a huge boost of antioxidants and vitamins. 


8:40: Everyone's faces have been wiped, the floor definitely still looks like the toaster spilled all over it, and at least one kids is missing their shoes. In the car we go, I blast some feel-good music to keep everyone quiet (or if they're talking I can't hear them ;) and we are on the road. 

9:00: Before I drop the kids off to their classes, we roll on our nervous roller (Baylor got caught with this in class last week, rolling it on all his friends #doyoubooboo) and give all the hugs & kisses. 

12:00: The kids have been picked up, we head home to eat lunch, diffuse a little anthro blend in the diffuser because someone always has to poop after school and I start lunch. We usually do some combo of a protein or sandwich with some fruit for lunch and by 12:55, we head up for naps. 

1:00: Baylor has quiet time in his room where I'll diffuse bergamot and orange, the girls get sleepyize in their diffusers and Norah get's another pass of Copaiba on her gums before naps. 


1:30: The girls are down, I put some peppermint & lemon on my temples for focus and energy and try to get something productive done (work, blog, clean, laundry, etc)

2:00: I try to get at least one load of laundry done a day - we use thieves laundry soap which is toxin-free and works very well. Once we move the clothes to the dryer, I add a couple drops of lemon and a couple drops of lavender to some dryer balls because the toxicity of dryer sheets will make you cry a puddle of tears. 

3:30: The girls are awake, everyone's gone potty, Baylor has asked me 495,358 questions about legos and Jesus and marriage and cemeteries and airports and I've hit my patience quota. I roll on a little joy & tangerine on my wrists, give myself a major pep talk, take a 5 minute break in the closet and am ready to close out the day. 

4:00: We rarely go anywhere in the evenings - we find that it's stressful and the kids are happy being home, so we try to pump up the house with some good music, put something happy in the diffuser like orange and frank or grapefruit and lemon and I start the dinner dash. 

6:30: We've wrapped up dinner, and are headed up the stairs for bath time and pjs. I drop a couple drops of lavender into the bath, we use the kid scents shampoo and body wash for the littles and have a steady rotation of washing for the next 30 minutes. 

6:45: Everyone gets jammies on and another pass of the wellness roller over their feet and up their spine. If it's cold season, we'll do sniffle ease over their heart and behind their ears. I always do a pass on myself while I'm getting the kids. 

6:50: Norah's bedtime - we roll a copaiba/lavender roller over her jawbone, put sleepyzie and gentle baby in her diffuser and put another drop of copaiba directly on her gums. 


7:30: The rest of the kids are in the playroom with a show, the diffuser is already running sleepyize and we're ready for bed. 


8:30: The 3 big kids are in their beds, baylor is almost always asleep while the girls dink around with a book or a random doll until they shut their eyes. 

9:30: I've cleaned whatever I can muster up the energy for, brushed my teeth, and am laying in bed with some tangerine and frankincense in the diffuser. Collin gets a drop of Valor on his big toe for snoring and we're off to bed until we do it all over the next day!  


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