One Piece Wonders

One Piece Wonders

I did an instagram story a week before we left for our vacation, asking for suggestions for one piece swimsuits that weren't floral or lace, weren't too "mom-ish", but not too sexy (because nobody wants my cheeks out while they're trying to sip a Pina Colada, except for maybe Collin ;) ) and long enough for my extra long torso! There were a MILLION suggestions and I wanted to share with you the most popular suggestions along with the suits I chose! 

Quick Stats: I'm 5'9 so one pieces always end up a bit tight on me, which is why I typically steer clear. I don't mind something a little cheeky but didn't want anything relatively close to a thong. I'm about 125 lbs and bought a M in all my suits. 

vsco-photo-1 2.jpg

STRIPE SUIT: Fits the most cheeky of all of them, but otherwise is super comfortable. 

SUNKISSED: Hands-down my favorite. Comfortable, great fit and really cute! 


LACE-UP: Loved this one - you can easily make it a little more sexy but opening up the laces and also great for nursing! 


RUFFLE TWO-PIECE: Ok, so I know I'm supposed to be highlighting one pieces, but I loved this suit. Not only was it super comfortable, but nursing has done a number on my (almost non-existent) boobs and this suit hides all the imperfections :)


Other suits that came highly recommended from all of YOU: 

ONE . TWO . THREE . FOUR (I actually bought this one but ended up returning because my belly button hit right in the middle of that peek-a-boo hole. Had it not, this would have been super cute. SO, might work for you if your belly button isn't as high as mine ;) 

A few other honorable mentions for our vacation: 

This romper was my favorite of all time - super comfortable, stylish and another  version of a "one piece wonder" - throw a black tank under it or wear it over you swim suit and you're done! I got it in a small, in black. 

I bought some new sunnies after losing mine (3rd year in a row - seattle probs) and I absolutely loved the quality of these for the price. Would buy again for sure! 

These slides are a great knock-off of the Hermes slides and they were versatile and super comfortable. 

NOW ... the next trip is Greece, where I have to really up my vacation-wear game, SO... leave ALL the suggestions! ;)  

Notes to Norah - 6 Months

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