DIY Wooden Spoons

Occasionally, I dabble in the DIY scene (my god, that's a weird sentence) ... If there's more than 3 steps, I'm out. And if it's too much of a mess, I'm not game. Listen, I have three kids 4 & under, I'm not into making messes with anyone


I came across a package of wooden spoons/spatulas at Home Goods a few weeks ago and immediately grabbed them, knowing they'd be perfect candidates for my feeble DIY skills. 


These were very easy to make, took a total of 15 minutes and make the perfect house warming gift or hostess gift paired with a little candle or dish towel.

You can buy wooden spoons virtually anywhere, these were a HomeGoods find, but Target or Amazon has them.


1. Use washi tape to tape off sections of the handle - get creative here, you can really try anything. Stripes, dip or just one big color on the entire handle! 

2. Once you've taped, start painting. I gave each handle two coats of paint and they dried really quickly between. (We used Target's Handmade Modern paint line - the colors are SO fun!)

3. Once all the paint is dry, peel the paint off. It's as easy as that my friends! 


Hope your labor day weekend was amazing! I'll share more about ours tomorrow, when this holiday hangover wears off. On a happier note, it's FALL, BITCHES! Hide yo husband, hide yo kids, cause mama's getting the pumpkins out! 

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