Age Gaps

Age Gaps

More often than not, when we're out and about with the kids, we get asked about their age gaps. They're all little, crazy and unpredictable, and something tells me people can sense that ;) 

Age gaps are one of those "double-edged swords" for lack of a better term. Our kids are all under two years apart... Baylor & Bellamy are 18 months apart (I got pregnant when Baylor was only 9 months old!) and Bellamy & Winnie are 21 months apart. 

There's a lot of pros & cons to having kids close together, and vis-a-versa with spreading them out. If you're debating age gaps for your family, or are just curious how it works for us... 

The PROS to small age gaps (less than two years):

1. They know nothing else. There's no jealousy, and no "before we had the baby" because they don't remember life before siblings. (ps...siblings are THE BEST!)

2. They play really well together. Because their ages are so similar, they're into similar toys & activities so it makes entertaining them much simpler. 

3. We're all doing it as a family. It feels like everyone is in a similar phase at the same time. We're not waking babies to go to football practice or doing homework in the evenings. It feels like we're growing as a family, which is really unifying and kind of exciting. 

4. It's super fun! We really feel like we're in the thick of it, like "these are the days" and when we chose to just soak it up, it's really a blast. The kids keep us on our toes and constantly have us laughing. You never really know what to expect! 


The CONS to small age gaps: 

1.  Nobody is self-sufficient, I'm tying three (six) shoes, helping three go potty and buckling three into their carseats. It's A LOT of work - physically & mentally 

2. The baby years go by in a flash. By the time we're done having kids, it'll have only been about 6 years (if all goes accordingly ;). I know I'll miss their precious baby months as they get older and I do see the appeal of spreading it out and really soaking each one up. 

3. Sleep - count it as a total loss and hope to sleep in 10 years. WTF is sleep? 

4. As the one delivering & nursing all these babies, my body is exhausted! I have been nursing or pregnant for 5 years straight! 


So spill...what are your favorite parts about your age gaps? What's the most difficult part? 

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