California Vacation

We're back! We returned yesterday afternoon from a quick trip to California to get some much needed R&R and of course, a hefty dose of Vitamin D. We accomplished all of that & more!


We stayed at Marriott's Newport Coast Villas, and I honestly can't rave enough about the experience. This hotel was the MOST kid friendly hotel we've ever stayed at - they had huge play areas indoor & outdoor for the kids (a put put course, a couple huge sand boxes, a game room, an arcade room, a movie theater and a kids play area with coloring tables, blocks, train tables, ect). The pools were amazing, and it was virtually paradise on every level. 


Winnie loves pool service as much as her mama. Bring me a Pina Colada by the pool and I'll kiss you! 


We spent a morning at Laguna Beach with the kids, and after a minor adjustment to the sand, the kids had the best time. I will just say though, I'm much more of a pool person. All that sand all over all the things stresses me OUT. 


Winnie spent the morning thinking she was Moana in the ocean and it was basically the cutest thing ever! 


Bellamy is our poser of the family and she doesn't pass up an opportunity to put out the vibe. 


I'll share about our Disneyland experience tomorrow - but let's just say, three kids & pregnant at Disney is almost an out of body experience. 

Disneyland + My Top 5 Tips!

Disneyland + My Top 5 Tips!

Life Lately

Life Lately