Easter 2017

I'm finally recovering from a severe Easter hangover and hoping that I've successfully hidden all the candy and treats that we absorbed over the weekend!


We had a jam-packed weekend - Saturday was brunch with Collin's family - we made quiche, cinnamon rolls, the cheesiest potato casserole, ham, and fruit. I eyeballed everyone's mimosa's & gin-fizzes with deep deep envy and the kids were in sugar comas by noon. 


We had a birthday party on Saturday afternoon and then booked it straight to church - which, was a total nightmare. I mean, 3 exhausted kids, the littlest of whom thinks she'd like to crawl right back into the womb. Attached. At. The. Hip. SO, trying to sit in church with said kids was nothing short of a joke. Needless to say, we had to bail early and headed straight home for early bed time & raising those swollen feet! 


The kids woke up bright & early on Sunday, SO excited to see if the Easter Bunny had delivered on his promises. The footprints (made of flour) led everyone to their baskets. We ate chocolate croissants (Trader Joes - you HAVE to try!) and played with our new toys for awhile before we had to get ready for Nana's house and another full day. It was more brunch, more egg hunting, more baskets and so on. We headed home and all three kids were out for the night by 7 PM. Parenting win. 


It was such a fun weekend - every year gets better as the kids get older and then surprises get bigger!

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A Shared Room For The Girls