One of our Favorites: MAC & MIA

It's been freezing here this week and I'm 2 degrees shy of wrapping myself in a bathrobe, putting on noise canceling headphones, and hibernating for the next 2 months. The kids will be alright, isn't that what they say? No seriously though, it's cold AF, and going outside is so much work. But being inside? My sanity has taken a serious hit these last couple weeks. Just thought I should let you all know that ;)

We got a super fun delivery last week that I wanted to share with you guys! MAC & MIA is sort of like StitchFix for adults - they curate & ship you a box of clothes based on your child's sizes & style preferences (i.e. baylor doesn't wear collared shirts - his jj watt neck gets in the way, and Bellamy Fashion prefers things with "TUTUS"). Anyways, this is probably the 4th or 5th time I've gotten boxes from the kids and I have never been disappointed.

I love that you can discover new brands, the kids get new clothes without having to shop (and the style fee is waved if you keep a certain number of pieces), and it's all a big surprise, which is probably my favorite part!

I'll show you what we got: 


I ended up sending back the navy hoodie & the white tee, only because we had similar items. 


Can you believe the cuteness?! We kept everything except the blue sweatshirt & the floral pants, just not our style. This pink dress?! OMG it's so adorable on and the most amazing quality. 


The boxes also come with this super sweet sticker set and a couple "little guys" (per Baylor) to dress. This kept Bellamy occupied for a good hour. SO cute.

SO ... if you're looking for a fun way to mix up the kid's style, and you want a fun little treat in the mail, you have to try this out.

BONUS: If you use this link to shop, you get a $20 credit to your account when you try a box! That means your first purchase will be $20 off and if you keep two items or more, your styling fee of $20 is waved!

Let me know if you guys try it - it's honestly one of my favorite things! 

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