House To Home No. 4

HAPPY FRIDAY! I literally could not be happier to see this week in the rear view. We all had the Norovirus which may as well be renamed "what death feels like" and within a twelve hour stretch, 3 of us were all throwing up at the same time. TMI probably, but that's why you read this blog, right? At one point, I couldn't stop throwing up and I considered calling 911, but couldn't imagine leaving Collin home with three barfing kids ... #rockbottom (it got worse, but I'll be a decent human and keep the rest to burn in the memory book). SO, we're grateful (and beyond) for our health today, and while we're definitely not 100%, we're vertical and vocal, which is more than we were earlier this week! 


I'm bringing back a little HOUSE TO HOME series for you guys ... if you've been reading for awhile, you'll remember this! If not, this is a way to get you to find new sources for home decor, or just think outside the box about how to bring items together! Enjoy!



1. Zinc Pots: I have these everywhere in our house, and they hold everything from candles to plants or even function as ways to elevate items on shelves for variation in height. They're inexpensive, and have a really cool rustic look.

2.  Boho Tassel Throw Pillow: I love the colors & textures of this pillow. This would be easy to mix in with whatever neutral pillows you have, or could easily stand alone! AND... it's on sale!

3. Dreamy Houses Art Print: I have adored this print for some time now and just haven't found the right place for it. It's warm yet modern and just the right pop of color. Would be perfect above the fireplace, or even in a powder room.

4. Enamelware: These are so retro and so durable. Perfect everyday dishes if you're looking for a new set. I love white dishes, but really dig the black edges on these for a touch of cool.

5. High Contrast Cube: I love this because even though it's intended as a toy basket, it's a great pop of contrast in a living room - perfect for yes, toys, but also if you wanted to throw blankets in it or mix in a bit of rustic with some fire logs. We have one of these and it's incredibly well made & durable.

6. Kimono Rose Candle: Easily my favorite scent for spring and goes perfectly with the forever adored volcano candles. Plus, the pretty pink jar is just the right amount of color. Smells clean, yet sweet and not too strong.

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