A Recap of 2017

A Recap of 2017

Top 5 Moments of 2017: 

1/ Norah's Birth - Does it get any better? 

2/ White Christmas - This one was a dream come true - how will it ever be topped? 

3/ Baylor Learning to ride a bike - The sheer joy & pride on his face will forever be engrained in my heart.

4/ A week in California - good for the soul, the skin & the heart. 


5/ 13" of Snow in February - I've never woken up so happy in my life. 


Top 5 Lessons Learned:


1/ Life Goes On -  nothing lasts forever, this too shall pass, ect. I used to get so wrapped up in so many things (unhappy customer, sick kids, expectations going unfulfilled) and I've learned that time heals most things and those it doesn't deserve to linger. 

2/ Being a Parent is Hard - it takes intention, determination and awareness. This is a work in progress and will indefinitely continue that way.

3/ Say NO - It's ok to not do it all, to prioritize and to make sure that what you're doing, you're doing 100%. Saying NO is an instant weight off your shoulders.

4/ Say YES - Being a yes mom, and a yes wife was one of my 2017 goals and giving yourself the freedom & power to say YES (to skipping naps, to cancelling plans, to treats at bedtime, or being spontaneous, to buying yourself something) just feels good sometimes. 

5/ Self Care is Life Giving - I'm the type that hates to have needs, so self care is tough for me to prioritize. But this year, I got my nails done more, let myself take more breaks, hired help so I could have time to run errands alone or get my hair done, and just cared for my own well being better. I'm not totally there in this dept. yet, but better than nothing :)

One Thing I'm Going to Kick in 2018:

Sleeping in. This is just a bad habit. I always end up feeling scrambled in the mornings (especially on school days) and getting up early will without question help me to win the day. So alarm clock, here I come :)

What's to Come in the New Year:

I can't wait to fill this space with more highlights of our family life, more mundane posts about our family life, lots of house projects & spotlights, and some deeper insights into marriage, wellness and beliefs. We even have a few surprises us our sleeve! So much promise in the New Year! 

Notes to Norah - 5 Months

Notes to Norah - 5 Months

Life Lately

Life Lately