DIY Playdough with Essential Oils

DIY Playdough with Essential Oils

 Hope you guys had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend! We are trying to catch up on every part of our life over here, and feeling like the wheel just keeps spinning! We had great times with family and friends, and are looking forward to Christmas to do it all over again!  

 In an effort to keep everybody entertained and happy today, I took it to Pinterest to figure out something out of the box! We decided to make some DIY Playdough with a few simple ingredients, and added some essential oils to boost our moods - because can you say HOLIDAY HANGOVER! Happy to report, it's worked like a charm! As for me… A little iced coffee from Starbucks doing the job juuuuust fine! 



2 cups flour

2 tbsp cream of tartar

1/2 cup salt  

1 1/2 cups boiling water

2 tbsp vegetable oil

food coloring  

essential oils


- Mix dry ingredients in medium mixing bowl 

- Once water is boiling, add to mixture, along with veg. oil. Mix until a large dough ball is formed (don't worry about clumps - you'll knead these out next) 


- Seperate into smaller clumps for however many colors/scents you'd like ... 

We did; green/peppermint (this is a hot oil so only a drop will do the job!), pink/grapefruit, yellow/lemon, blue/stress away, purple/lavender and orange/orange

- Lightly flatten out your dough and form a small dip in the middle - add a couple drops of coloring and 5-7 drops of oil... knead together until color is consistent, and Playdough is smooth. As it cools, it will become less sticky and a bit more solid... the perfect Playdough consistency!! 


We packaged ours in mason jars for storage - but how cute will these be to gift our friends!? Tie a ribbon around that jar & voila! 


Essential oils are excellent if you need a mood boost, a little help with a tummy ache or even just a niiiice cozy nights sleep ... pass the lemon play dough if someone is feeling grumpy, or give your little one a few minutes with the lavender play dough before nap time as a natural way to relax them. If you're interested in the (million) ways we use essential oils, follow along @thismagicmama or read more over here! 

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