Snow Day!

While most of our Christmas break was spent lounging and relaxing as a family, we did venture out on a couple different occasions (don't worry, we all changed back into jammies as soon as we got home) We had a pretty decent snowfall last week and decided to go find a big field full of snow that we could claim as our own. Not before we stopped for donuts & coffee but that's S.O.P around here. We built snowmen, Collin & the kids then tackled said snowmen in a series of slow-motion videos that I can't seem to quit watching. Bellamy did snow angels, which she's been dying to do since watching Minnie's Winter Bow Show (so happy that's not on anymore)... and we tested Winnie's walking abilities in the snow (which were mediocre at best). It was the perfect morning, the kids had the best time and there were no tears about being cold or feeling utterly claustrophobic in their snow clothes. A total win. 

Hope your week back to reality is going well! It's Bellamy's 3rd! Birthday today and we're headed out to do some CELEBRATING! 

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