Halloween Shelving

We're sprinkling bits of fall over here  ... who am I kidding, we are diving in head-first and there's no turning back. I'm kissing pumpkins, chugging pumpkin spice and coordinating my half-time dances during nap time. 


I worked on our open shelves in the kitchen and wanted to share a little update with you! These shelves are hand-down my favorite part of our kitchen and makes decorating for the holidays extra festive! Too many dishes? I don't speak that language. 


Confused as to what to put on your open shelves? A few of my tips:

1. Pick a palette: Pick one or two "accent" colors and keep it consistent. This will ensure that regardless of what you're putting on your shelves, it will all look cohesive (in moderation, of course!)

2. Add greens: Greenery is under-rated, especially in the fall, but it really does bring life to a space. Especially the kitchen!

3.  Think outside the box (or kitchen!): Yes, you want your shelves to be functional with dishes that you'll use, but artwork or non-kitchen items really add interest to your shelves and serve as the perfect place to display!

4. Stack & Layer: If your dishes are simple, stack them or layer them along with other dishes - varying heights & textures will create a nice visual.

5. Bring balance: This one is a bit harder, but balance is most important when it comes to open shelving. You don't want all your bowls on one side of your shelves and stacks of books on the other. Symmetry will help, so repeat similar items a couple times. Step back (a million times) to make sure that everything feels balanced.

Open shelving is a total moving target, and will constantly change, so just be patient, don't be afraid to change things until you find a composition that makes you happy! 

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