Weekend Update

Today is Baylor's first day of preschool and in his own words, he is "SO JUICED UP!" ... too much sports center & guy time with Dad. :) He also got out of bed last night and told me he needs some "magic"... I said "Baylor, what do you mean, magic?!" thinking he might have been referencing that "jitter glitter" that we just put under his pillow from his teacher. No, my friends, I was mislead. He said that "when yo butt hurts you can go poopy and it feels like magic when you're done cause poopy is like magic" and then proceeded to run to the bathroom and make "magic". THAT, is boys... ;)

We had a pretty full weekend, with some family in town, lots of football (of course!), and plenty of adventure - all such a blast with the kids.

Saturday morning, we went to the beach, and rented one of those super dorky,  but totally fun multi-person bikes and rode up & down the strip. We had coffee & donuts in hand, the kids were so happy and the weather really showed up for us. It was perfect. We're starting to realize that getting out and about and doing something productive on Saturday mornings really starts our weekend off on a great tone. Otherwise, I notice the kids getting antsy and Collin and I scrambling to find some way to entertain them. 

Saturday night, we went to a good ol' fashion high school football game. A right of childhood passage in this house :)


Sunday, we skipped church, lounged around the house, walked to Starbucks and watched more football. (Or napped on the sofa more, if you're Collin). We had family photos on Sunday night - here's a few iPhone pics I snagged! Nothing like seeing your babies all dressed up! 

Baylor's teacher sent him home with "Jitter Glitter" last week after Meet the Teacher night and we read a couple preschool stories & the poem from his sweet teacher last night. He sprinkled his glitter under his pillow (Collin suggested he keep it in the ziploc bag, and Baylor looked at him like "how dare you") He's SO excited to go learn, to play with the trucks at preschool and for a SNACKS! 

Happy Monday, friends! 


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