What's in Your Lunchbox?

While I'm in total denial about Baylor going to preschool in September, there are a few fringe benefits (take these with a grain of salt - I'm a stay at home mom ;) ... cute backpacks & lunchboxes, adorable school photos and a mandatory visit to the pumpkin patch - how can I not root for this type of behavior?! While I haven't bought any supplies or required items, and Baylor won't even be going to school over lunch time, it just felt wrong that he didn't have a lunchbox. So I hit the ol' google machine and got to work ;) (I'm so lame). 


If you're on the hunt for a lunchbox...here's a few of our favorites! 


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Now, what to pack inside? Save that for another time ;) 

Deluxe Nachos

Deluxe Nachos

Coffee Oreo Popsicles