Coffee Oreo Popsicles

Treats are a staple around here (#treatyoself), and coffee is an absolute essential (because middle-of-the-night wake-ups are far too common - last night's was Bellamy wanting to wear the white dress with the purple bow instead of her pajamas, and Baylor wanting to come in our room to watch Jimmie John (aka Fallon #toomanysandwiches )...oh, and Winnie, yeah she just wants to be fed at a moment's notice - me too, Winnners).



To heal my woes, I decided that that mama's need a treat that combines the goodness of ice-cream, the necessity of coffee and the novelty of a popsicle. Whoever said popsicles were only for kids was SO square. So here you go ... :) 


3 SCOOPS VANILLA ICE CREAM // 1 CUP COLD BREW (we used stumptown, but any will do!) // 1 CUP MILK // 6 OREOS CRUSHED // 2 TBS CHOCOLATE SYRUP


Blend all of these ingredients together until it's the consistency of a milkshake. Before you pour into your popsicle molds (we have these ones), put a tablespoon of crushed oreos in the bottom. Once your popsicles freeze, this will be at the top and is easily the most delicious part of the whole ordeal :)

Freeze for 4-6 hours and they're ready to go!
These are totally justifiable for breakfast - basically a frozen mocha ;)

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