The Tree Farm!


We had the most festive weekend, but it started off a bit rocky. Collin forgot to bring home takeout on Friday (it's okay, I still love him), so I was forced to make dinner. The kids were angsty and the only thing I could muster up was Santa pancakes & bacon. By the end of dinner, Baylor was naked, there was an entire carton of chocolate milk on the floor, the kids only ate the whipped cream beard off their pancakes and I was telling Bellamy to "stop slapping your brother's belly with your bacon!" #friday


Saturday was jam-packed with all the festive activities... because it's December and mama refuses to waste a day. We took a field trip to the Tree Farm to ride the train, shove our faces with tiny donuts (presumably one of God's gifts to people like me), and play hide & seek amongst the trees. Because Collin is too allergic for a real tree and pine needles on the floor give me hives. ;)

We headed home for naps (everyone partook, a real treat) and then bundled up for the Santa parade. I took zero pictures, my phone died as soon as the parade started, on queue. There were tons of trucks, bands, tractors and people, all decked out in Christmas lights. It was the stuff dreams were made of.

Sunday looked like church, naps, a really scary allergic reaction where Winnie turned into Hitch, and early bedtimes (I see a trend... thank GOD my kids can't tell time)

Happy Monday - go do something festive! I'm planning on sharing all of our holiday decor this week as well as a gift guide for the one who has everything

A Very Bella Christmas!

Winnie's First Birthday Party