Happy Birthday, Collin!


To our 5'o clock hero. Our boo-boo kisser.

Our dinner time dancer. Our wrestle mania superstar.

Our favorite swing pusher. The world's snuggliest dada.

Our College Game Day guru. Our "Scooter Squad" leader. 

The one with the most positive attitude & gracious heart. 

Our morning motivation, the one who is always dancing

Our Starbucks delivery guy. Our YES man, and our peacemaker. 

He's the guy who makes our family whole, who keeps us all sane. 

He's the heartbeat of our family 

and our kids have no idea how blessed they really are to call him Dad. 

His impact on their little hearts will undoubtedly be lifelong and unforgettable. 

We love you, Collin! Happy Birthday!

You're 365 days lovelier than you were ... it's about to be the best year yet!

Love, your favorite boy, your best girl, your little tiny and yours truly.

PS... Collin is amazing at what he does ... go check it out. 

Suncadia 2016

Mom Thoughts

Mom Thoughts