Large Scale Photo DIY

A few of you have asked how I did our giant wall photos in our living room, so today I'm going to share my "secrets" (of which there are none) with you, so you can get the same look. Spoiler: it's super easy. 


This is definitely one of the bigger walls in our house and I was constantly changing it up, but never found something I loved. It's next to the fireplace which can be visually distracting and I just didn't fall in love with anything in this space.

I've been wanting to take black & white photos of the kids and decided that while the lighting was good and I had everything set up, I would just go for it!

I started with a white backdrop, I have a roll of backdrop paper for my shop, but really any plain white or light surface will work (blank wall, door, white posterboard, ect) will work. Make sure the natural light is really good when you take these, it will make a world of difference.

As far as the photos go, that's up to you! The kids had just woken up from their naps so they were a bit tired, and very sweet. You can have them laugh, smile, play with toys or glasses, add accessories or even shoot them with just a white t-shirt. Totally depends on the look you're going for.

I took these on my iPhone, edited them in VSCO (the BEST photo-editing app there is in my opinion) on the "X1" filter and then saved them to my phone. I had them printed in 20x30 size at Costco (walgreens and staples ect. also offer this size) for only $10 each! It doesn't get any cheaper you guys. I know there are some places that do architectural prints (and Joni at LayBabyLay has an amazing tutorial on a variation of this!) but they're on a really thin paper. I wanted these to be a little more durable on photo paper so that's why I chose this option.

I bought frames at a local frame shop, but you can but any 20x30 frame and you're ready to hang! SO easy, SO quick and the kids think they're rock stars with their giant wall portraits. 

Hope your week is going well! Thanksgiving is very close, which means Christmas is even closer! These make awesome gifts, too!

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