Suncadia 2016

After a really long week, I'm back online. I had to walk away for a few days post-election and just love on my people. This time of year gets so busy for us, as a family and work-wise, things really go into full gear. I'm learning each day to pace myself, to say no, and to be present when I can and to grind when I have the chance. It's all a balancing act and while I often times fail (miserably), it's just important to me that I keep learning & moving forward!

We spent the weekend in Suncadia (a little vacation town an hour into the mountains) and it was everything my heart needed. We have some very generous friends (thanks M&J!) who invited us to their home and we spent the weekend relaxing, unwinding and just hanging with our people. I have a really hard time slowing myself down, so the best way to do that is to escape.

The kids played hard, we skipped naps, went to bed late, ate too many treats and had the best time! 

Large Scale Photo DIY

Happy Birthday, Collin!