Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! There's really nothing like waking up on a holiday, knowing all the FUN to come. The kids went to bed giddy with excitement last night ... almost like there were spiders in their beds. (Bellamy got out of her bed 700 times asking for water, another blanket, different pajamas and God knows what else... she's basically a vampire, sucking the life out of me one night at a time. I probably should have put spiders in her bed.)

We have big plans today with school Halloween parties, trick or treating, and handing out candy to some 400+ trick or treaters that make answering the door a full-time gig. I can assure you, my power ranger costume might not hold up to all this activity (mama bought a size too small;)

If you're looking for something warm, quick and delicious for dinner tonight, I'd suggest takeout.

Hahaha, no seriously though, you have to try this soup


Last Halloween, I was weeks away from delivering Winnie, moonlighting as Cat-Woman, and dating Batman on the weekends... my what changes in a year! 

Can't wait to share our Halloween pics with you guys this week!

Hope your day is FESTIVE and you make some sweet memories with your family & friends... that's what it's all about, after all :)

Halloween 2016

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