I'm all for traditions over here and a total sucker for anything festive. Baylor & Bellamy are just old enough to start getting excited about traditions, making them exponentially more fun. 

We decided it was time to "BOO" our friends, a foreign concept to my kids. If you don't know what "boo-ing" is, you create a goody bag full of festive treats, make a "boo" sign, and drop it off on your friend's doorsteps anonymously. They are then tagged with the responisibity of boo-ing two of their friends, and hopefully it travels from there! 


We bought a handful of halloween goodies from Target, added some candy and made a boo sign (which you can download HERE) and off we went. Just download the sign, drop it off along with your BOO bags and you've done your job! 

Here's the thing... boo-ing with toddlers isn't as foolproof as you'd think. You're supposed to ring the doorbell, and then run off so nobody sees you when they open the door. Two kids in carseats who insist on getting out each time, who can't buckle themselves and decide they want to smell some flowers on their way back to the car made our boo-ing a bit less anonymous than we'd planned ;) Also, Bellamy ran off with the boo-bag in hand at least three times... #fail. 


Nevertheless, this was a super festive & fun activity to do with the kids, they thought it was amazing and hilarious and I got to drive around town with a coffee and quiet children all harnessed in their seats.

I'll take that every day of the week. :)

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