11 Months of Winnie Wilde

Winnie is SO close to being one and it's totally freaking me out. I seriously wake up every day and can't believe how big she's gotten, how much she can do, and how much she's turning into a little toddler before my eyes. 

Henderson 2016-409.jpg

She's walking all over, and getting more comfortable every day. She started chasing the big kids today while walking instead of crawling, and we basically threw a parade, cause it felt like such a big-girl moment!

She loves food and will make sure you know that she wants whatever you have. Her favorites are apples & yogurt. She's not sleeping through the night, which I really could care less about at this point - it doesn't bother me, she's only up once. Sleep is just really low on my priority list at this point in my life, so I pick my battles ;)

Winnie adores Baylor & Bellamy (ahem, she tolerates Bella, stage 5 clinger) and loses her shit if I leave her sight. Her She loves her blankie, hates the vacuum,  and has presumably eaten 7 legos this month alone. Girlfriend eats everything.

We're getting ready to plan her a first birthday bash and she's celebrating her last "first" this month -Halloween! 

Henderson 2016-459.jpg

We can't resist her intense eyebrows, those chubby thighs, and her hot temper that makes her who she really is... wild


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