Quick & Easy Wall Art

Often times, when decorating a house, art work ends up being the last addition, because it's expensive, difficult to decide on and bottom line, doesn't offer much functionality. 


However, It does make a space look beautiful and often times feel complete. I have a handful of art-hacks that I use to save money on art or make a big statement with a small budget, but today, I just wanted to share a really simple one with you! 



If you go into any stationary store or gift boutique, chances are, you might find these Cavallini posters or just decorative paper in general. I always find a way to totally talk myself into buying a few every time I see them. 9 times out of 10, they sit in my paper basket, nicely rolled up and I just stare at them for a few months before I end up doing something with them. 


BUT, they make excellent and very inexpensive art. If you find a paper or pattern you love, you can easily frame it (bonus: at any size you want... just trim down for smaller sizes!). These add great interest & color to collage walls and some can even stand alone!


I recently found this wooden dowel hanger (there's also a horizontal one) and love how easy it is to use and how many ways I can use it. We hung ours on a lonely wall in the living room. The dowels just have a removable adhesive, so you can change the poster out however often you'd like.

Seriously, it doesn't get easier, you guys! 

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